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Oh My, It’s Suarez!

i grew up as a football big fan.

my first love on football was world cup USA ’94. small magic box called TV in our livingroom made me recognized the star of the tournament like romario from brazil, baggio from italy, until some eccentric goalkeeper like higuita and pagliuca.

the problem was i dont have a (foot) ball.

so, sometimes i used a tennis ball,marbles, or just an unused toy. bondan, my little brother, often kicked that stuffs toward me, who usually pretend as pagliuca, who make a brilliant save from his shot.

but then, as a grew into teenager, i started to play in front as flamboyant players like totti and shevchenko catched my eyes. thank God, i was gifted a good right-foot, so i could score from anywhere near the goal.

but lately, i started to realize that i would never be a football player, though i scored six goals in a junior high school tournament and renan, my classmate, told me i have goal-scoring instinct like owen, an england striker.

firstly, it was my eyes. the minus broke my heart. maybe it’s okay if i only have minus 0,5 or 1. but minus 3?? that’s intolerable. secondly, because my asthma. which makes me couldnt breath easy, even i run faster than everybody else.

that memories suddenly came when i was watching indonesia versus uruguay match in gelora bung karno stadium a few days a go. from the journalist tribune, i thank God that at least i can fulfill one of my dream: watching worldclass player directly, not in front of the glass of my TV.

i saw, just in front of my eyes, luis suarez (who play in european champions league with ajax amsterdam) diego lugano (fenerbahce player) fernando muslera (goalkeeper of serie A team, SS Lazio), edinson cavani (napoli striker), and martin caceres (sevilla right-back, which on loan from barcelona).

i was very proud to myself when i finally met them at the four seasons hotel one by one. i wasnt ask for their autograph, and quite happy even only captured some photos with my loaned-camera.

i dont care what people think. it’s like a dream come true for me. and i believe the best just yet to come. i must watch them live, somewhere in spain, england, or italy. someday.


Another Part

“Hey, you’re journalist, right?” said someone when I was standing in front of the Tunisian residence’s door.

I searched the voice. It came from a man, wearing black uniform and black shoes. I recognized him as a security in the house of the ambassador.

“So, you are Anggodo’s enemy, aren’t you?” the other security said, laughing.

“Yeah, perhaps,” i said, trying to be plain, laughing too.

i didn’t realize that people had already stigmatized that Anggodo, younger brother from KPK suspects in Masaro case, Anggoro, was the journalist enemy, not the public enemy.

Why? i still mumbled the question as i stepped into the house and stopped when the receptionist woman told me to signed the attendance book.

Then, i met this man in the living room, smiling, and showing all his kindness to his guests. Mr Faysal Gouia, the Tunisian Ambassador, shaked my hand and said his gratitude. “My friend, thank you for coming. welcome to our house, please enjoy yourself,” he said.

Anggodo? Crocodile vs Lizard? Century’s Bank? Soon, I kicked those questions out of my mind . Then I joined the crowd, having dinner with the other guests in the 22th celebration day of Republic Tunisia Political Change

I was thinking, when the most journalist in my office spend their times writing, thinking, and analizing about KPK vis a vis Police cases,  i do  the other enjoyable things.

Of course, eating Kus Kus or goat meat called ‘Sultan Burma’ was just a little part about what i was doing.

I write about the fragility of President Karzai in Afghanistan, I concern about nuclear talks between Iran and United Nations, and spend my time thinking why the resurgent Taliban killed innosence people in Pakistan.

I also attending press briefing in foreign affairs ministry,  discussing about TKI, refugees, and another bilateral and multilaral problems, having conversation with the spokesman of foreign affairs ministry, interviewing ambassadors, and (sometimes) having trips outside the town.

Being international desk reporter maybe is not as interest as being journalist who report public service, criminal, law, or politic events. But this field is another part of the world which will enrich and your overseas knowledge. That’s why I’m enjoying this desk.

On the other hand, i do reporting  not  to be called as ‘an enemy’, even enemy of the most hatred man in Indonesia. I want to be called as ‘a friend’.

Someday in Jelambar-Grogol

someday in jelambar-grogol, someone was asking a question: “sir, are you going to implement neoliberalism in this country?” the question was towarded boediono, the vice president of the incumbent candidate, susilo bambang yudhoyono

the question came from old women, who were no one, except small merchant in jelambar-grogol, a village which took place in west jakarta. i was believe that she didn’t understand about the word neoliberalism itself.

but i had known exactly that west jakarta were full of modern market. the modern market existence had limited spaces for traditional market.

actually, it was usual in jakarta. modern market was everywhere, but traditional market was rarely, maybe only one or two in a subdistrict.

that fact had been complained by a basic-need merchant, his name was syafei. “We couldn’t challenge big merchant here, above all we were just small merchant, how could we? there are 5 til 6 modern market surround the traditional one, ” he said.

how boediono answer that question? normatively, he said that the contiguity between modern market and traditional market has been concerned by the government. “Actually the main role would be played by local government, but the central government would always support them,” said boediono who accompanied by his succes team member, rizal mallarangeng.

“Indonesia have a great potential economy, incredible instead. for that reason, we have to be optimistic,” he continued. Then he said that the government would attempt to create job demand as they attempt to increase economic growth. The government would also try to stabilize the price

how about the stigmatized about neoliberalism??

boediono said that he hadnt had known exactly about the terminology. “the term was come from west countries,” he explained to the women.  then he said the indonesian economic ideology, the economic that would be implemented in indonesia, was economy based on reality, economy which step by step. “if it correct then we keep going, but if it false then we correct it, it is called adaptation,” said boediono ended his explanation.

maybe both of small merchant didn’t understand about the answer, as rizal mallarangeng laughed when the women spelled the word neoliberalism. but i believe that public was understood about what boediono had said.  so, the public  would wait, would boediono consistent with his concept? we would wait only if he and mr yudhoyono win the election

Tears to The Brave Heart

wednesday, july 9th, me and my friend from seputar indonesia newspaper, denny irawan, decide to leave delicious-lunch in a seafood restaurant. whereas, the lunch was held by partai keadilan sejahtera (PKS)-which invited all tangerang’s journalist. we had to leave the press conference because of the news that we heard happened in alaska, united states of america.


that day, a family in larangan, tangerang city, had lost one of family man. pungkas tri baruno (20 years old)-the name of the youngest child in that family-died in mckinley mountain’s peak, alaska. temporarely opinion, he died because of bad wheather. pungkas was one of climber scouts from indonesia which had a mission to stood the indonesian flag in the 20.420 feet mountain.


need about a half hour for me and denny to reach larangan with my honda supra x. it was about 1.30 pm when we arrived to the small-unpretentious house. what i saw first was some bunch of flower and an awning in front of the house. when we entered the house, an old man which holding a picture, suddenly woke up and reaching my hand. he said friendly “please..please, come in.”


his white moustache made him looks friendly. white koko shirt that he wore also made me free from worry. i convinced myself that this person was a good resource person -an informant that easy to talk with. but, his eyes looked so dull. i wasnt sure, but mumpangat (52 years old)- the name of that old man, seemed had crying lot.


mumpangat is pungkas’s father. i feel so sad when he shows me the picture. pungkas had a good body. tall and handsome. the lost of the young boy must made the whole family felt distressed. but I the real sufferer came from pungkas’s mother face . ismiharti, the 52 years old woman, just sat down in the floor. she looked faint and brittle. clearly, she wasn’t determine like her husband


“in fact, he never had a girlfriend,” said ismiharti, softly. that was one of her confession that steady humming me until now. it’s hard to forget how a mother like her lost her favorite’s children. behind the glasses, her eyes was tear-stained. when her relatives came and gave her an embrace, she cried again. in the corner, i (who was nobody there), only could stare the emotional situation.


so as the confession from one of his college friend. “pungkas spent his spare time in musholla, when other student choose to go to the canteen,” said first year student of interior design, mercu buana university, risky. i had met risky, frizzy hair student, when the dead-body of pungkas arrived in terminal haji, soekarno hatta airport on 18th july. in there, i also found adhyaksa dault, sport and youth minister of Indonesia, cried, when seeing pungkas’s body for the last time.


so, i wasn’s surprise when adhyaksa announced that pungkas’s name would be lasting as the name of library in Indonesia. when me and denny escorting the ambulance-which carrying pungkas’s body-with hundred else vehicle, the coconut shoot’s flag was everywhere. i was just realized, this kid was so inspiring, not only for million teenager in Indonesia, but also for journalist who report his story, like me.




everytime i think about pungkas, i always remember bondan, my younger brother. no doubt, bondan’s personality very similar with pungkas. bondan is a climber too. and he was born in 1988, so was pungkas.





“munarman keeping his promise”…that was the title of a backside article in republika, last tuesday (10/6). that article was written by my friend, m ikhsan shiddiqie (c54). i wasnt surprise with that news..

i still remember, first time i met munarman. approximately, three months a go in front of denmark embassy, in kuningan, south jakarta. in there, hizbut tahrir indonesia (often called HTI) was demonstrating denmark government because of muhammad carricature in jyllend posten newspaper.

that time, i was looking for someone to be interviewed. then i asked a demonstrant: “who is the leader of this parade?” then that guy answered “he is not the leader, but i suggest you to interview him.” he appointed to a man with black glasses and white shirts. among that parade, he looked so different, because all people seemed to wear garments with black colors. with his neat suit, he looked very eccentric…

then i interviewing him..

when we talk, his name suddenly called by an orator. then he said excuse to me and reach the microphone to orating above a vehicle-parked in front of that embassy. few seconds later, his piercing voice echoed that area. his loud voice very represented his character. stubborn and resolute…

that was my first impression about munarman..

then, a month later we met again. this time ini a masjid in lenteng agung. he was one of three key panelist in an interactive dialog about ahmadiyah. from the topic, i knew that his opinion about ahmadiyah very clear: disband ahmadiyah, or die!!

what i didnt understand is in what capacity he was invited in? i remind that the leader of majelis ulama indonesia (MUI) and representative from front pembela islam (FPI) attended that dialog. but munarman? who is he? forum umat islam (FUI), which organized that dialog claimed that he was one of influence muslim in indonesia..

i was just believe that statement recently, when he was being fugitive by polda metro jaya..

the police was looking for him because he was led the ‘komando laskar islam’ to attack ‘aliran kebebasan beragama dan berkeyakinan’ (AKBB) in the incident of monas in 1st june 2008..

but finally, after being fugitive for 10 days, he proved his promise to gave up to the police when ‘surat keputusan bersama’ (SKB) ahmadiyah had released to public. now he must stayed in jail with his comrade from FPI, habib rizieq shihab

i finally believe that munarman is one of influence person in indonesia..

Ahmadiyah, in My View

i’ll never forget this experience..

that was april that sunny friday, i had to go to masjid al mubarak, jagakarsa, south jakarta. republika sent me there to follow ‘sholat jumat’ in that masjid. the problem is, that masjid is owned by ahmadiyah, a controversial islam secte

even a little bit afraid, i kept going to that place..

the masjid was so quiet, even the building was so big. it’s unique too. the different with most masjid in indonesia, there is no dome in that building. if you already watching film “ayat ayat cinta”, the masjid was very similar with some egypt architecture descripted in that movie. like rectangle box, but so high

i encourage my self to get into that masjid. fortunately, nothing happened..a few second before, i had thought that i would recognized as an intruder.

i had a deep breath, it was my first investigative reporting…

i looked inside, then saw 20-25 people, consist of man and woman. compared by the size of the masjid, the amount of the people was so little. maybe just one quarter of the masjid which filled by people. i realized that i was noticed by them. but i didnt try to pay attention.

so i was sit and listening the sermon..

from that sermon, i conclude that ahmadiyah very similar with islamic doctrine. they only believe mirza ghulam ahmad as the last prophet, not muhammad..that’s what i heard from the preacher

had finished sholat jumat, suddenly an old man stepped up toward me.

“young man, where are you from?” he said

i was so surprised, then i replied: “i’m from jogja sir, i’m a student from universitas gadjah mada.” i had to lie. i didnt want he knew that i’m a journalist.

then he told me that he was from depok, west java. he was one of ahmadiyah’s masjid keeper in depok. then, in the end of our conversation, he offered me to join his masjid in south depok. i had to lie again:

“okey sir, i will go there some time.”


that was my story with ahmadiyah. in a side, they were wrong. their islamic doctrine is intolerable. their faith to mirza ghulam ahmad very dangerous to the true islam.

but they were citizens too. so, they must be protected by the government. and as human, they like us. people that need somebody else’s help.

Story of The Prison Student

call him andri, a 16 years old-kid who appears like other ordinary kids. innocence and cheerful. but the fact, since february 2007 til now, he is in the kid prison, tangerang. he went to jail because of drugs abuse.

that day, something made him as an ordinary kid. that day, 5th may 2008, like other 3rd class student, he did the national final exams.

his face looks so bright, i thought he was so happy…i knew it.

it happened because the jail gave them opportunity to continuing their study by let them follow the final test. if they pass the exam, as ordinary student, they will get the certificate from indonesian educational department

in the end of our conversation..

“i ‘m going to study english sir,” he said

i answered: “okey, good luck for tomorrow.”

then he left me alone in front of his class..

that time i just imagined, “how if i was in his place? would i do the same thing?” thousand of people must know what i saw that day. a spirit came from a prison student. something i never imagined happened in my life..

andri just one kid who stay there. there is over 200 kids who stay there because of drugs-narcotics, sex-abuse, and assassination. they are kids that need helps. so the prison-guard become their teacher. that’s more effective then to be a strict guard.

When I Visit Sepatan

today, i went to sepatan village.

sepatan is one of poor village in tangerang. majority, the people work as labour, merchant, and farmer. it’s placed far from town. with motorcycle, i spent approximately one hour to find the village

i saw a lot of sloppiness there.

first thing, something that i saw when i cross jalan raya mauk. i saw people washing the clothes in the river. whereas, the river is very dirt and full of rubbish. It’s not at all, the children like to bath there. they dont care even the river looks very brown.

i write that to be an article, the title is “the dirt of cisadane”. cisadane is the name of that river.

then, i went to sepatan police station.

there, i acquaintance with a police. his name is mr budi. i’m so lucky, he told me an issues which i thought its good to be wrote.

he told me in a village, which called mekar jaya, there were some electricity tower which already broken. there were three tower, and the frame of the tower had been stolen by somebody. so, it endangered people surround it. the fear is if those tower suddenly fall.

he already complained to electricity company, but they never respond it. whereas, people already feared.

so he ask me to write that issues to be an article. but his term, he didnt want his name to be appeared in the newspaper.

so, what can i say? i’ve got the news, eh??

They Need Our Help

i went to west mauk today. it’s the name of village in north-tangerang, placed near the sea and near the ‘krakatau’ mountain. i went there to find a school named ‘setia bakti’. an elementary school with 169 students.

when i arrived there, i was so shocked, because the condition of the school was very poor.

first thing that very catchy was the frontyard. It was really more like a pool than a yard because the the yard all drowned by the water. i was not surprise when i saw ducks swimming there

could you imagine? there was no field to play football, there was no space to play hide and seek.

and then, the roof of that building already broken. we would see a big hole if we looked up. some class could not be used anymore. Few students must studied outside the class.

mr nahrawi, a senior religion teacher, told me the school had been repaired many times, but few months later, it broke. it happened many times.

He admitted being frustrated. sometimes he just want to left the school. but then, he told me, for the children he would sacrifice everything. he would teach his students as long as possible

he only hoped the government gave them attention.

it could be seen, they need our help. all i can do is report the story, how about you, guys??


c66 is my initial in republika. if  you read republika newspaper and find that initial in the end of paragraph. that must be my article. ‘

there are eight ‘c’: c61 (teguh firmansyah), c62 (rosyid nurul hakiim), c63 (desy susilawati), c64 (ahmad mulyadi), c65 (dyah ratna meta), c66 (me/ fernan rahadi), c67 (yogie respati), n c68 (rudi agung prabowo).

we are 5 guy n 3 girl who still on job training in this company. we have to survive at least a year to become a long-term employee. to achieve that short-term purpose, is not an easy way. so many challenges that we have to face.

ps: honestly there are two more ‘c’: c52 (ratna puspita) (now ‘nap’) and c54 (mohammad ikhsan shieddiqie), but they join in before us (ratna join in may 2007, ikhsan join in october 2007), i must admit that their journalist skill also their experience all above eight of us.