i grew up as a football big fan.

my first love on football was world cup USA ’94. small magic box called TV in our livingroom made me recognized the star of the tournament like romario from brazil, baggio from italy, until some eccentric goalkeeper like higuita and pagliuca.

the problem was i dont have a (foot) ball.

so, sometimes i used a tennis ball,marbles, or just an unused toy. bondan, my little brother, often kicked that stuffs toward me, who usually pretend as pagliuca, who make a brilliant save from his shot.

but then, as a grew into teenager, i started to play in front as flamboyant players like totti and shevchenko catched my eyes. thank God, i was gifted a good right-foot, so i could score from anywhere near the goal.

but lately, i started to realize that i would never be a football player, though i scored six goals in a junior high school tournament and renan, my classmate, told me i have goal-scoring instinct like owen, an england striker.

firstly, it was my eyes. the minus broke my heart. maybe it’s okay if i only have minus 0,5 or 1. but minus 3?? that’s intolerable. secondly, because my asthma. which makes me couldnt breath easy, even i run faster than everybody else.

that memories suddenly came when i was watching indonesia versus uruguay match in gelora bung karno stadium a few days a go. from the journalist tribune, i thank God that at least i can fulfill one of my dream: watching worldclass player directly, not in front of the glass of my TV.

i saw, just in front of my eyes, luis suarez (who play in european champions league with ajax amsterdam) diego lugano (fenerbahce player) fernando muslera (goalkeeper of serie A team, SS Lazio), edinson cavani (napoli striker), and martin caceres (sevilla right-back, which on loan from barcelona).

i was very proud to myself when i finally met them at the four seasons hotel one by one. i wasnt ask for their autograph, and quite happy even only captured some photos with my loaned-camera.

i dont care what people think. it’s like a dream come true for me. and i believe the best just yet to come. i must watch them live, somewhere in spain, england, or italy. someday.