“Hey, you’re journalist, right?” said someone when I was standing in front of the Tunisian residence’s door.

I searched the voice. It came from a man, wearing black uniform and black shoes. I recognized him as a security in the house of the ambassador.

“So, you are Anggodo’s enemy, aren’t you?” the other security said, laughing.

“Yeah, perhaps,” i said, trying to be plain, laughing too.

i didn’t realize that people had already stigmatized that Anggodo, younger brother from KPK suspects in Masaro case, Anggoro, was the journalist enemy, not the public enemy.

Why? i still mumbled the question as i stepped into the house and stopped when the receptionist woman told me to signed the attendance book.

Then, i met this man in the living room, smiling, and showing all his kindness to his guests. Mr Faysal Gouia, the Tunisian Ambassador, shaked my hand and said his gratitude. “My friend, thank you for coming. welcome to our house, please enjoy yourself,” he said.

Anggodo? Crocodile vs Lizard? Century’s Bank? Soon, I kicked those questions out of my mind . Then I joined the crowd, having dinner with the other guests in the 22th celebration day of Republic Tunisia Political Change

I was thinking, when the most journalist in my office spend their times writing, thinking, and analizing about KPK vis a vis Police cases,  i do  the other enjoyable things.

Of course, eating Kus Kus or goat meat called ‘Sultan Burma’ was just a little part about what i was doing.

I write about the fragility of President Karzai in Afghanistan, I concern about nuclear talks between Iran and United Nations, and spend my time thinking why the resurgent Taliban killed innosence people in Pakistan.

I also attending press briefing in foreign affairs ministry,  discussing about TKI, refugees, and another bilateral and multilaral problems, having conversation with the spokesman of foreign affairs ministry, interviewing ambassadors, and (sometimes) having trips outside the town.

Being international desk reporter maybe is not as interest as being journalist who report public service, criminal, law, or politic events. But this field is another part of the world which will enrich and your overseas knowledge. That’s why I’m enjoying this desk.

On the other hand, i do reporting  not  to be called as ‘an enemy’, even enemy of the most hatred man in Indonesia. I want to be called as ‘a friend’.