someday in jelambar-grogol, someone was asking a question: “sir, are you going to implement neoliberalism in this country?” the question was towarded boediono, the vice president of the incumbent candidate, susilo bambang yudhoyono

the question came from old women, who were no one, except small merchant in jelambar-grogol, a village which took place in west jakarta. i was believe that she didn’t understand about the word neoliberalism itself.

but i had known exactly that west jakarta were full of modern market. the modern market existence had limited spaces for traditional market.

actually, it was usual in jakarta. modern market was everywhere, but traditional market was rarely, maybe only one or two in a subdistrict.

that fact had been complained by a basic-need merchant, his name was syafei. “We couldn’t challenge big merchant here, above all we were just small merchant, how could we? there are 5 til 6 modern market surround the traditional one, ” he said.

how boediono answer that question? normatively, he said that the contiguity between modern market and traditional market has been concerned by the government. “Actually the main role would be played by local government, but the central government would always support them,” said boediono who accompanied by his succes team member, rizal mallarangeng.

“Indonesia have a great potential economy, incredible instead. for that reason, we have to be optimistic,” he continued. Then he said that the government would attempt to create job demand as they attempt to increase economic growth. The government would also try to stabilize the price

how about the stigmatized about neoliberalism??

boediono said that he hadnt had known exactly about the terminology. “the term was come from west countries,” he explained to the women.  then he said the indonesian economic ideology, the economic that would be implemented in indonesia, was economy based on reality, economy which step by step. “if it correct then we keep going, but if it false then we correct it, it is called adaptation,” said boediono ended his explanation.

maybe both of small merchant didn’t understand about the answer, as rizal mallarangeng laughed when the women spelled the word neoliberalism. but i believe that public was understood about what boediono had said.  so, the public  would wait, would boediono consistent with his concept? we would wait only if he and mr yudhoyono win the election