“munarman keeping his promise”…that was the title of a backside article in republika, last tuesday (10/6). that article was written by my friend, m ikhsan shiddiqie (c54). i wasnt surprise with that news..

i still remember, first time i met munarman. approximately, three months a go in front of denmark embassy, in kuningan, south jakarta. in there, hizbut tahrir indonesia (often called HTI) was demonstrating denmark government because of muhammad carricature in jyllend posten newspaper.

that time, i was looking for someone to be interviewed. then i asked a demonstrant: “who is the leader of this parade?” then that guy answered “he is not the leader, but i suggest you to interview him.” he appointed to a man with black glasses and white shirts. among that parade, he looked so different, because all people seemed to wear garments with black colors. with his neat suit, he looked very eccentric…

then i interviewing him..

when we talk, his name suddenly called by an orator. then he said excuse to me and reach the microphone to orating above a vehicle-parked in front of that embassy. few seconds later, his piercing voice echoed that area. his loud voice very represented his character. stubborn and resolute…

that was my first impression about munarman..

then, a month later we met again. this time ini a masjid in lenteng agung. he was one of three key panelist in an interactive dialog about ahmadiyah. from the topic, i knew that his opinion about ahmadiyah very clear: disband ahmadiyah, or die!!

what i didnt understand is in what capacity he was invited in? i remind that the leader of majelis ulama indonesia (MUI) and representative from front pembela islam (FPI) attended that dialog. but munarman? who is he? forum umat islam (FUI), which organized that dialog claimed that he was one of influence muslim in indonesia..

i was just believe that statement recently, when he was being fugitive by polda metro jaya..

the police was looking for him because he was led the ‘komando laskar islam’ to attack ‘aliran kebebasan beragama dan berkeyakinan’ (AKBB) in the incident of monas in 1st june 2008..

but finally, after being fugitive for 10 days, he proved his promise to gave up to the police when ‘surat keputusan bersama’ (SKB) ahmadiyah had released to public. now he must stayed in jail with his comrade from FPI, habib rizieq shihab

i finally believe that munarman is one of influence person in indonesia..