i’ll never forget this experience..

that was april 4th..in that sunny friday, i had to go to masjid al mubarak, jagakarsa, south jakarta. republika sent me there to follow ‘sholat jumat’ in that masjid. the problem is, that masjid is owned by ahmadiyah, a controversial islam secte

even a little bit afraid, i kept going to that place..

the masjid was so quiet, even the building was so big. it’s unique too. the different with most masjid in indonesia, there is no dome in that building. if you already watching film “ayat ayat cinta”, the masjid was very similar with some egypt architecture descripted in that movie. like rectangle box, but so high

i encourage my self to get into that masjid. fortunately, nothing happened..a few second before, i had thought that i would recognized as an intruder.

i had a deep breath, it was my first investigative reporting…

i looked inside, then saw 20-25 people, consist of man and woman. compared by the size of the masjid, the amount of the people was so little. maybe just one quarter of the masjid which filled by people. i realized that i was noticed by them. but i didnt try to pay attention.

so i was sit and listening the sermon..

from that sermon, i conclude that ahmadiyah very similar with islamic doctrine. they only believe mirza ghulam ahmad as the last prophet, not muhammad..that’s what i heard from the preacher

had finished sholat jumat, suddenly an old man stepped up toward me.

“young man, where are you from?” he said

i was so surprised, then i replied: “i’m from jogja sir, i’m a student from universitas gadjah mada.” i had to lie. i didnt want he knew that i’m a journalist.

then he told me that he was from depok, west java. he was one of ahmadiyah’s masjid keeper in depok. then, in the end of our conversation, he offered me to join his masjid in south depok. i had to lie again:

“okey sir, i will go there some time.”


that was my story with ahmadiyah. in a side, they were wrong. their islamic doctrine is intolerable. their faith to mirza ghulam ahmad very dangerous to the true islam.

but they were citizens too. so, they must be protected by the government. and as human, they like us. people that need somebody else’s help.