call him andri, a 16 years old-kid who appears like other ordinary kids. innocence and cheerful. but the fact, since february 2007 til now, he is in the kid prison, tangerang. he went to jail because of drugs abuse.

that day, something made him as an ordinary kid. that day, 5th may 2008, like other 3rd class student, he did the national final exams.

his face looks so bright, i thought he was so happy…i knew it.

it happened because the jail gave them opportunity to continuing their study by let them follow the final test. if they pass the exam, as ordinary student, they will get the certificate from indonesian educational department

in the end of our conversation..

“i ‘m going to study english sir,” he said

i answered: “okey, good luck for tomorrow.”

then he left me alone in front of his class..

that time i just imagined, “how if i was in his place? would i do the same thing?” thousand of people must know what i saw that day. a spirit came from a prison student. something i never imagined happened in my life..

andri just one kid who stay there. there is over 200 kids who stay there because of drugs-narcotics, sex-abuse, and assassination. they are kids that need helps. so the prison-guard become their teacher. that’s more effective then to be a strict guard.