today, i went to sepatan village.

sepatan is one of poor village in tangerang. majority, the people work as labour, merchant, and farmer. it’s placed far from town. with motorcycle, i spent approximately one hour to find the village

i saw a lot of sloppiness there.

first thing, something that i saw when i cross jalan raya mauk. i saw people washing the clothes in the river. whereas, the river is very dirt and full of rubbish. It’s not at all, the children like to bath there. they dont care even the river looks very brown.

i write that to be an article, the title is “the dirt of cisadane”. cisadane is the name of that river.

then, i went to sepatan police station.

there, i acquaintance with a police. his name is mr budi. i’m so lucky, he told me an issues which i thought its good to be wrote.

he told me in a village, which called mekar jaya, there were some electricity tower which already broken. there were three tower, and the frame of the tower had been stolen by somebody. so, it endangered people surround it. the fear is if those tower suddenly fall.

he already complained to electricity company, but they never respond it. whereas, people already feared.

so he ask me to write that issues to be an article. but his term, he didnt want his name to be appeared in the newspaper.

so, what can i say? i’ve got the news, eh??