i went to west mauk today. it’s the name of village in north-tangerang, placed near the sea and near the ‘krakatau’ mountain. i went there to find a school named ‘setia bakti’. an elementary school with 169 students.

when i arrived there, i was so shocked, because the condition of the school was very poor.

first thing that very catchy was the frontyard. It was really more like a pool than a yard because the the yard all drowned by the water. i was not surprise when i saw ducks swimming there

could you imagine? there was no field to play football, there was no space to play hide and seek.

and then, the roof of that building already broken. we would see a big hole if we looked up. some class could not be used anymore. Few students must studied outside the class.

mr nahrawi, a senior religion teacher, told me the school had been repaired many times, but few months later, it broke. it happened many times.

He admitted being frustrated. sometimes he just want to left the school. but then, he told me, for the children he would sacrifice everything. he would teach his students as long as possible

he only hoped the government gave them attention.

it could be seen, they need our help. all i can do is report the story, how about you, guys??