c66 is my initial in republika. if  you read republika newspaper and find that initial in the end of paragraph. that must be my article. ‘

there are eight ‘c’: c61 (teguh firmansyah), c62 (rosyid nurul hakiim), c63 (desy susilawati), c64 (ahmad mulyadi), c65 (dyah ratna meta), c66 (me/ fernan rahadi), c67 (yogie respati), n c68 (rudi agung prabowo).

we are 5 guy n 3 girl who still on job training in this company. we have to survive at least a year to become a long-term employee. to achieve that short-term purpose, is not an easy way. so many challenges that we have to face.

ps: honestly there are two more ‘c’: c52 (ratna puspita) (now ‘nap’) and c54 (mohammad ikhsan shieddiqie), but they join in before us (ratna join in may 2007, ikhsan join in october 2007), i must admit that their journalist skill also their experience all above eight of us.